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Static Test Stands

The FAR site has multiple static firing test stands.  These stands are: Large Horizontal, Medium Horizontal, Large I-Beam, Medium I-Beam, Small I-Beam, Medium Inverted, and Small Inverted.

Small Inverted
6-1/8" ID, 20-7/8" Tall, 15-1/8" Tube Length

            Large Inverted
10-1/4" ID, 52-3/4" Tall, 19-1/4" Tube Length

                        Small I-Beam

            Medium I-Beam

            Large I-Beam with Medium Horizontal 1
Medium Horizontal 1 -- 40" Long, 5-1/4" Wide, 35" Height

Medium I-Beam with Medium Horizontal 2
Medium Horizontal 2 -- 47-1/2" Long, 5" Wide, 36" Height, 3" Diameter Maximum

Extra-Large I-Beam 

Large Horizontal
108" Long, 26" Wide, 47" Height

Large Vertical