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FAR Technical Documents

FAR-0001 Launch Rail: How to deploy and stow the Baxter T-rail mobile launcher.

FAR-0002 Procedures: FAR site static fire and launch procedures. 

FAR-0003 Checklists: FAR site pre-arrival checklists. 

FAR-0004 Design and Test: Procedures for designing and testing solid, hybrid, and liquid rockets.

I-Beam Drawings: This drawing shows dimensions and spacing of the I-beams and the hole patterns.

Baxter Launch Rail Lugs:  Definition of a sample launch lug for the Baxter Launch Rail.

Microcosm Launch Rail Lugs: Definition of a sample launch lug for the Microcosm Launch Rail.

Newman Launch Rail Lugs and Buttons: Some examples of launch lugs and buttons for the Newman Launch Rail.